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Fine art for sale online at Emery’s! “I bought it at Emery’s” is the phrase that has worked since 1975 to give results at the right price. Emerys Fine Art is the home of a collection of contemporary art with taste, a collection of over 6000 pieces of original art, and fine lithographs and prints by famous and rising artists. Get that good result, buy art at Emery’s!

We are keeping up but look up every now and then to be thankful that we can stay busy serving your art needs. Thank you from all at Emery’s!

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Consultation with a knowledgeable art dealer is your way of knowing that you’ve shopped Emery’s. Give us a call and discuss the creativity that has spawned your need for a great result! To get that good result, buy your art from Emery’s.

Buying Original Art Online.

Buying fine art online whether it be prints, paintings, sculpture can be daunting. Selling art online can be seemingly impossible considering the size of the market, the number of pieces available on the market and how hard it is to reach your customer. Trust is the number one concern for any website selling art. The site must engender trust. Emery’s fine art has been in business since 1972 and we have one of the finest collection of prints and original art available.

Fine art paintings and prints are certainly fine art and artwork which is created imagination are included in our gallery painting and prints by modern artists. We are brick-and-mortar establishment, but can now offer art paintings, fine art sculpture, posters, and fine art drawings from famous an emerging artist that we have collected over the years. Our collection includes work from realism and abstract art and paintings from talented artists.

When one thinks of art, one thinks of the Renaissance. Renaissance artists had patrons rather than customers looking for fine art for sale. Contemporary fine art can follow the genre of realistic painting like in the Renaissance or the subject matter can be more abstract whether oil or frilly or watercolor on paper or would canvas. We include history painting, portraits, landscapes, historical events including still lives and paintings from everyday life.

Buy fine art by famous artists like van Gogh, Cézanne and Picasso who brought us a new way of looking at art in the 20th century. The Italian Renaissance 1400 to 1650, gave us some of the most important painters in fine art which created our definition of what is fine art. Artists like Titian and Botticelli and Michelangelo and Raphael followed da Vinci to define the genre itself. Landscape artists like Turner and Constable and Monet gay guys Cézanne and Pizarro defined landscape art as a special genre. Impressionist artist changed our definitions of art with a color and style that tried to capture the moment. Picasso and Brock overthrew realistic interpretation to define modern art which led to the surrealism of Dali and Ernst and, of course to abstract expressionism like Pollock and Rothko. Contemporary fine artist like David Hockney and Gerhard Richter are discovering a more varied approach by producing art and all of its forms. Fine art for sale at Emerys.

We thank you for your visit and we hope that you’ll enjoy our collection of artwork, painting and lithographs, as well as sculpture. When shopping for fine art it is important to know your dealer and we hope that you will contact us and get to know us. Have fun shopping and looking for fine art for sale with us with us again.