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Recommendations to Buy Original Art Online

Buying Original Art Online.

Buying original art online whether it be prints, paintings, sculpture can be daunting. Selling art online can be seemingly impossible considering the size of the market, the number of pieces available on the market and how hard it is to reach your customer. Trust is the number one concern for any website selling art. The site must engender trust. Emery’s fine art has been in business since 1972 and we have one of the finest collection of prints and original art available.

Many good artists team with popular sites who have the trust of the consumer. Many of the sites have thousands of artists.

1. Saatchi. Saatchi is known worldwide and has many thousands of artists. Saatchi accepts payment and the artist ships the art to the customer. Ensuring that the art arrives on time and safely is important to both. All of the online galleries who deal with artists, require the artist to ship the art and are involved with the process.

Zatista , Ugallery and others follow the same pattern and either ship the artist a box or arrange for someone to pick the art up. Other galleries online mainly ship prints and artist sign up with them and upload images of their art. In this way many online galleries provide framed art. Emery’s fine art gallery is a brick-and-mortar place who has a large stock of art on hand and is ready to ship quickly and professionally from one location.

Another way to buy art online is to buy it directly from the artist. Some sites do this rather well original art for sale is available at Buy Art | Online Artwork by Artist ArtforsaleOriginal

ArtVilla is an art e-zine that is been on the Internet since 1998 and is now selling original art and will be accepting art by other vendors soon. Artilla
We have art for sale in many categories, here are a few of our most prominent and popular genres of art.

Artvilla is known for their excellent art lessons such as their series on the selection of kilns.