West of Bandera by James Boren; Western, Cowboys


James Boren

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West of Bandera

by James Boren

Limited Edition

Signed and Numbered by the Artist in Pen

Comes with Affiddavit of Limited Edition

Copyright 1983

approx. 21″ x 29

Fair Market Value: $320.00

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The Connally Collection

As far back as I can remember, the West has been more than a geographic region to me. It has been a source of inspiration and strength. From the richness of its history, vitality of its people and the ruggedness of its land has sprung a symbol of American independenca and self-reliance that the world admires.

The settling of the West has become an enduring experience. In the country of rugged mountains, deep canyons, barren deserts, unspoiled valleys, and unfenced prairies, Americans found their greatest sense of freedom. From covered wagons, cattle drives, sod huts and frontier forts came a special groups of individuals who knew hardships, and were tempered hard as steel by them. Yet they were not without compassion, neighborliness, and a tenderness which contrasted dramatically with their rugged natures.

Behind these cattlemen, soldiers, sod busters and mountainmen the native American Indian moved like a shadow. The customs and cultures of these proud people I find almost haunting. Their courage, love of nature and fierce independence will forever be a central part of the history and legends of the West.

The West still lives in many Americans, but in none so much as our western painters. Through these artists we are able to look back through the centuries to the time when the redman alone claimed the West. Through their talent and inspiration the great westward push across the prarie is relived, and we are able to see in living color the great cast of characters in this unique human drama. Art has given expression to my lifelong affection for the West. Now, Somerset House has helped me bring together some of that great art. This very special collection of 12 prints depict the West, past and present, as seen through the eyes of some of the most talented artist to ever paint it. I know each of these men personally and love their art. I am sure you wil, too. – John B. Connally

In this painting, noted western artist James Boren has brought together all the elements of the Texas Hill Country. “The live oaks, the hills, the flowers and of course the people all reflect the flavor of this beautiful land,” said Boren. As a member of the Cowboy Artists of America, Boren has been awarded ten gold and nine silver medals in annual competition. A former president of CA, he was named the Colt Award recipient in 1977, presented by his fellow artists for overall excellence.

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