Warriors by George Dado



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Warriors by George Dado Hand Colored Etching Signed and Numbered by the Artist approximately 10 x 13 Early life and education (1933–1955)[edit] ?uri? was born on 4 October 1933, in Cetinje, the historic capital of Montenegro, then part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and grew up in a middle-class family. His mother, Vjera ?uric (née Kuja?i?), was a biology teacher, and his father, Ranko ?uri?, belonged to a family of entrepreneurs. His childhood years were affected by world events and by personal tragedies. During World War II, Yugoslavia endured Italian and German occupation, while the local Partisans initiated a resistance that led to the emergence of Tito’s Yugoslavia. At the age of 11, ?uri? lost his mother in a country still coping with the wounds of war. He then temporarily moved to Slovenia to be put up by a maternal uncle. Although uninterested in general education, ?uri? developed a strong interest in art and displayed early creative skills. His family supported him to develop his talent and he started studying fine arts in the maritime town of Herceg Novi between 1947 and 1951. From 1951, ?uri? moved to Serbia to carry on his education in the fine arts school of Belgrade.[1]