Fishtales by Scott Kennedy – Limited Edition


Scott Kennedy

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  • Artist: Scott Kennedy
  • Title: Fishtales
  • Size: 14 3/4″ x 26 1/2″ (Paper), 11 3/4″ x 23″ (Image).
  • Landscape
  • Man Fishing
  • Photo Offset Lithograph
  • Limited Edition
  • Edition Size: 5142/5500
  • Signed and Numbered by the Artist

A few fish already in his creel, a lone fisherman waits patiently for his next “catch.” But who else waits patiently for his next “catch?” Look closely. Claw marks on the aspen near the fisherman and a reflection in the water will give you a clue.

You can bet this fisherman will tell everyone exactly how “the big one got away.” But will anybody believe his Fish Tales?

I love to surprise people, but I also like to give them clues. Black bears regularly climb trees so I placed some claw marks on the aspen. Only an experienced eye would see them, but when you’re out in the wilderness as often as I am, you keep your eyes open for wildlife signs like this. That’s what’s unique about the wilderness. You come to expect the unexpected. – Scott Kennedy

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