Rooster by Gary James


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Title- Rooster

Artist- Gary James

Size- 9 3/4″ x 12 1/4″

Photo-offset lithograph

Vivid colors

Local artist from Tennessee

Gary James
“I delineate with a Bic ballpoint pen using hard edged lines that are dots and detail that borders on the fanatical extremes. I’m a pointillist – in that same extreme four dots per second. I entertain my friends as they watch me draw. I start with a white sheet of paper, then draw in pencil what I want, pencil is so forgiving – I draw and erase ’till I capture an image – usually from my own mind’s eye – then I ink them in stipple using up to a million points per picture. ….. I invented the pigmented beeswax on plastic colorization process to put color to my pen and ink pointillisms – this art is uniquely mine. I’m influenced by M.C. Escher and inspired by Vincent Van Gogh – that’s me – my art and my life – one picture is worth a thousand words – so mote it be. ” – Gary James