Roger Forissier Le Quai de Bourbon


Roger Forissier

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Roger Forissier

Le Quai de Bourbon

Miniature print- 5 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches

Reproduction of original

Artist bio- Parisian artist Roger Forissier is known for his ideas and writings on the subject of contemporary art, as well for his paintings and lithographs. His achievements are numerous: awards include scholorships in Amsterdam and Madrit, and a list of one-man shows, beginning with one in Paris when he was 25, and culminating with a large retrospective exhibition sponsored by the French State in 1970.

Art description- It is a fine spring day in Paris-the air and light are soft, the waters of the Seine are calm and fresh foliage crowns the trees. The scene is a pleasant vista of arching bridge and the city’s enduring architecture.

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