Puffbelly Warbler by Wysocki



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Title: Puffbelly Warbler
Artist: Charles Wysocki
Size: 11.5 x 12
It is dry-mounted and will be shipped flat.

Charles Wysocki was born in 1928 in Detroit Michigan.  From the time he was a little tot, he always wanted to be an artist.  His father Charles Sr. was an immigrant from Poland who worked on the assembly line at Ford Motor Co. for over 35 years.  His father was not thrilled about his artist aspirations.  Most of his encouragement came from his mother Mary.  She fully supported his artistic tendencies.  My father went to high school at Cass Technical High School and focused on their art program.  For a time he worked as an apprentice in Detroit art studios.  Then Uncle Sam snatched him up.

Charles was drafted in 1950 during the Korean War.  He should have been sent to Korea where he may have met his fate, but right before he was to be sent out, he was granted a leave of absence to visit his brother Harry who was very ill.  After he returned to hook up with his unit, the powers that be said, “You’re going to Germany.”  What a break for the old man!  He was stationed in Hanau, West Germany from 1951-1952.  After his two-year obligation in the Army he decided to trade in his rifle for a paintbrush.

After leaving the Army, Charles attended Art Center in Los Angeles (it is now in Pasadena) on the G.I. Bill.  After completing his studies, and majoring in design and advertising illustration, Charles joined the staff of freelance artists at McNamera Brothers in Detroit in 1955.  He lived at home with his parents during this time.  Missing the West Coast, and not wanting to be, in his words, a “Momma’s Boy” Charles moved to Los Angeles in 1959.  There he formed an advertising agency with three other artists called “Group West” and was very successful doing freelance commercial artwork.  Some of his clients included General Tire, Unocal, Carnation, Chrysler, United California Bank, Otis elevator company, and Dow Chemical Co. to name a few.  During this time he won numerous awards for his illustrative talents.  Then he met my mother, and she unleashed the primitive artist that was buried within him.

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