Ptarmigan in Summer & Autumn Plumage by Selby Plate LX


Selby Plate

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in Summer & Autumn Plumage

Plate LX

Artist: Prideaux John Selby

approx. 21″ x 26″

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As the first attempt to produce a set of life-sized illustrations of British birds, Selby’s Illustrations of of British Ornithology (1821-1834) is the English equivalent of Audubon’s famous works. Selby, an avid field naturalist, sportsman and student of ornithology, was not satisfied with the engravings of his drawings done by others, so he engraved most of the plates himself.

“The cool, classical quality of Selby’s plates belongs to an age of elegance and could never have been achieved by the Victorian John Gould. Selby’s bird figures were the most accurate delineation of British birds to that date, and the liveliest. After so many books with small, stiff bird portraits, this new atlas with life-sized figures and more relaxed drawing was a great achievement in the long history of bird illustration.” (Jackson)

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