Polar Bear by Peter Parnall; Iceberg


Peter Parnall

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Polar Bear

by Peter Parnall

Limited Edition

Signed and Numbered by the Artist in Pencil

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Image approx. 10″ x 23″

Paper approx. 18.5″ x 31″

Fair Market Value: $285.00


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Peter Parnall

Peter Parnall became interested in the land and its creatures as a boy. Parnall’s special fascination is with animal behavior. He has raised and studies dozens of wild creatures – hawks, owls, raccoons. And so it is that his drawings portray not only the look of bird or beast, but the animal’s essential nature – shy, bold, predatory, secretive. “I try, ” he says, “to get the essence of the animal – it temperament, personality.”

Polar Bear

Well, I’ve wanted to do a polar bear for a long time. Figured there would be more bear in it though. The first time I started to sketch ’em was several years ago, but I became more interested in icebergs than bears, as I sketched along, and began thinking about the weight involved below the water. Icebergs … well, underwater weight made me think of the beavers and otters on the back of my farm. So I ended up drawing a furry iceberg … the River Otter print.

The next time I started a polar bear, I ended up with the Harp Seal print. Thought of putting a little polar bear in the background, but that didn’t work with the overal design. When doing large paintings using the built up areas, I coat them with white gesso before beginning to paint, and in my mind every one starts out as polar bear country. Whe I started using these embossed shapes as design elements for prints, I couldn’t put them together without thinking of polar bears.

So there you go , Polar Bear!

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