Paolo Conti


Paolo Conti

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Paolo Conti


Miniature print 4 3/4 x 6 1/4 inches

Reproduction of original print

Artist bio- Paolo Conti has achieved a standard professional excellence, a maturity of artistic expression and a successful public acceptance of his sculpture which belie his young age. Serious recognition of his talent came as early as 1964 when he was awarded first prize in a national art competition in his native Italy. A similar accolade was awarded in 1966. His work has been exhibited throughout Italy and in France and has been purchased for many private collections. Conti’s work is also on view in public buildings and has been commisioned for church interiors.

Art description- The charmingly improbable stance of the egret is one of wildlife’s claims to true elegance. Conti fashions the bronze with extreme delicacy, conveying the elaborate curve of the neck, extravagant plumage and long, fragile legs. The egret stands on a bit of natural turn; this self-base rests on a black base of oval shape, complimenting the bird’s graceful form.

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