Nancy Ward – Cherokee Nation by Ben Hampton 1976 – Limited Edition Signed


Nancy Ward

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Title: Nancy Ward – Cherokee Nation

Artist: Ben Hampton

Signed by the Artist

Image Size: 20″ X 20 1/2″

Actual Size: 21 3/4″ X 24″

Photo-offset lithograph



Nancy Ward 1738–1822 or 1824 in what is known today as Monroe County, Tennessee.

She was a Beloved Woman

of the Cherokee, which means that she was allowed to sit in councils and to make decisions, along with the chiefs and other Beloved Women. She believed the Cherokee could live a peaceful coexistance with the European-Americans. With her beliefs, she helped her people as a peace negotiator and ambassador, and also introduced them to farming and dairy production which brought substantial changes to the Cherokee society as they knew it. Nancy Ward is not only remembered as an important figure to the Cherokee people, but is also considered an early pioneer for women in American politics as she advocated for a woman’s voice during a turbulent period in her tribe’s history

Nancy Ward opened an Inn in southeastern Tennessee on what was then called the Ocowee River (present day Ocoee River). Her son cared for her during her last years. She died between 1822 – 1824, before the Cherokee were removed from their remaining lands during the Trail of Tears.

She and her son Fivekiller are buried at the top of a hill not far from the site of the inn, which is located just south of present-day Benton, Tennessee. In 1923 the Nancy Ward chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution, based in Chattanooga, placed a memorial marker at the grave sites near Polk County, Tennessee, where Benton is located. Teddy Roosevelt mentions her in his works Book on The West, The Virginia State Papers, The South Carolina State Papers, Mooney’s Book, and The Draper Collection and a chapter of the The American Daughters Of the Revolution in Tennessee carries her name.






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