Marc Chapaud Chemin en Foret


Marc Chapaud

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Marc Chapaud

Chemin en Foret

Miniature print 5 1/2 x 7 1/4 inches

Reproduction of original

Artist bio- “This young painter is a virtuoso, able to treat with the same facility and assurance landscapes with deep harmonies or fresh and luminous compositions. His shaded woods, irradiated with intangible mists, tend towards a dreamy quality.”

Art description- An inviting path suggests a leisurely walk through unspoiled countryside. Chapaud has captured here the intangible mists of morning, which soften autumn colors to a muted richness. Still water glows with pearly reflections of a hazy sunlight, seen glimmering through towering, majestic trees. It is the mood of the forest that is expressed-its quiet and freshness, its mystery and a sense of nature’s harmony with the human spirit.

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