Make a Wish by Carolyn Blish; Children & Dandelions


Carolyn Blish

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Make a Wish

by Carolyn Blish

Limited Edition Print

Signed and Numbered by the Artist in Pencil

approximately 14.5″ x 19″

Fair Market Value: $325.00

Carolyn Blish is a former model, actress, and television newscaster who began painting in the early 1950s.  Her mother recognized early on that her daughter had artistic gifts.  Blish first began exhibiting her art nationally in 1965.  A member of the prestigious American Watercolor Society, watercolor is her preferred medium because of its spontaneous quality.  

Blish’s watercolors are featured in her book, Drawing Closer.  “The most important thing to me is the feeling of my art – which is hopefully love made visible – rather than just technical facility,” she says.  “Everything I do is about all beauty points to God, who is the Creator of all beauty.  And I believe all fine art bears witness to Him.”

“I remember as a child sunny days wading through fields of fluffy dandelions gone to seed. How I loved to pick them, make a wish and blow their perfect little silver spheres into sprays of flying seeds. Then the wind could scatter them far across the fields, back from where they came, back to the earth itself where they would wait to sprout again the next spring … a whole generation of bright golden buttons splattered on emerald fields.”-Carolyn Blish

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