Bugle Boy on Horse by Don Troiani; Signed


Don Toriani

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Title:  Bugle Boy on Horse

Artist: Don Troiani

Print is Signed

Fair Market Value: $165.00

This print is an authentic reproduction of the original sketch done by Don Troiani for the making of the 1995 Civil War Battlefield Commemorative Proof Coin by the U.S. Mint.  It comes with all the original paperwork and the engraved brass plate.

PLEASE NOTE: It does NOT come with the coin, which we currently cannot find and may well no longer have anymore (but we’re still looking!).

“Don Troiani is a twentieth century artist for whom the life of the common soldier of the Civil War is familiar and vivid. His painstaking research into the history of the period is evident in his paintings and limited-edition prints of Civil War scenes.”

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