Angels Cherubs detail from the Sistine Madonna by Raphael Famous Painting Nice



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 Madonna E. Santi (detailed)

Artist: Rosso Fiorentino,

 Print is 18″x12″. It is dry mounted and will be shipped flat.
Rosso Fiorentino was born in Florence in 1494 but fled to Rome in 1527. He presided in France until his death in 1540. After studying the  work of Michelangelo and other Renaissance Artists, he then changed his style of art. His Masterpiece was ” Moses defending the Daughters of Jethro.

Quote from the back of the print:
“Two angels, or cherubs, lean on a ledge together, as if waiting for something to happen. We do not see cherubic smiles on their faces, but instead somewhat grim expressions accompanied by unusual poses. A hugely popular reproduction in its own right, Putti or angels, is in fact a detail from one of Raphael’s most famous paintings of the Virgin and Child, entitled the Sistine Madonna.”

The original of this print was painted in oil on canvas circa 1512 – 1514, and is currently housed in the Gemaeldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden, Germany.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this delightful Rosso print; the image is impressive and requires one to return again and again for another view of it, as the faces of the cherubs are enchanting. For more of our fabulous works of art, please visit our Ebay Store, Glen’s Art Corner, and have a great day!

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