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How To Keep Fine Art Prints Protected?

Whether collecting art prints is your passion or hobby, it’s important to understand how to handle the artwork properly. As you’re investing, surely you would want to keep the art in good condition for years to come. 

When you don’t want to shorten the life of your fine art prints, you must keep these fragile papers protected from damages. All you need is a little bit of knowledge to keep your art safe. For your ease, we have shared some caring instructions here. 

Keep your artwork away from light

Sunlight, as well as high-intensity artificial light, can easily damage your precious art. When exposed for a long time, prints turn yellow or become excessively faded. To keep your prints protected, use UV protection glass to frame them. 

Maintain the room temperature 

Avoid placing your prints near to extremely hot or cold temperature areas. Make sure the artwork is not near to fireplaces, air-conditioners, or radiators. If possible, maintain the temperature of 60°-72° F in the room. 

Humidity is not a friend

The long life of prints is possible when you keep the humidity maintained between 35% and 55%. High humid conditions encourage mold growth and accelerate deterioration. When humidity is low, the paper becomes brittle and prone to wear and tear. 

Protect from dust and dirt

Accumulation of dust and other pollutants over the prints is common. You can easily clean the surface by gently brushing off using a dry cloth. But if you’re unable to clean your prints, be sure to connect with someone who knows how to do it properly. 

Avoid pest problems

Under the moist condition, mold growth and insect activities increase. Therefore, you must keep the humidity as well as temperature in check if you want to avoid pest problems. 

With proper care, your artwork will last for generations. If you’re looking online fine art prints on sale, feel free to explore Emerys Fine Art for a tremendous collection of artwork.