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Top Art & Home Decor Trends of 2018/19, Pt. 1

2018 and 2019 trends in art, home decor, and fashion consist of a lot of playful and vivid themes. Bright colors, bold lines, and nods to classic trends of the past are all being used in the most popular decorative schemes right now. This series of posts will give you a rundown of the top trends you’ll see around currently and will continue to see over the next year. Emery’s Fine Art Gallery has a collection of thousands of pieces including originals and prints by over 2100 artists. Below we have featured a selection of what we have available for each theme.

Black and White

If you’re worried about decorating your home based on fads that will fizzle out too quickly, you can revert to the classics that are currently trending but will never go out of style. Black and white photos will fit nicely into any color scheme or style. Consider collaging several framed pieces together including personal photos along with works of art you’ve purchased.

Ferris A Paris
by Jeff Cathrow

8″ x 11″(image) has 2 inch white border


California-born photographer Jeff Cathrow fortuitously acquired a camera at an early age and it seems his eye was keen from the get-go. Today, Cathrow is busy documenting the extensive hurricane damage in South Texas where he now resides—yet his compelling portraits of twisted metal and broken buildings vividly convey these bizarre forms imbued with his unique style of artistry—further revealing an eye well-honed by decades of chasing shadows, textures and light around the world.

Escalier d’Hier – Paris

by Jeff Cathrow

8 x 11(image) 2 inch white border



One Light Stand 

Artist Unknown

18″ x 22.25″








The Lost Shoe

by Leo Glueckselig

Signed and numbered by the artist in pencil

Image Size: 9.75″ x 13.25″
Overall Size: 13″ x 20″




Bright Primaries

Bright, primary colors, reminiscent of pop art in the 70’s and 80’s, are a great way to brighten any space. These colors were also popular in the cubist and abstract art of the 40’s and 50’s. Bold lines and shapes that make a statement –  these pieces can bring life into neutral spaces or add to the eclectic vibe in colorful rooms.


Teal Table 
by B. Guy

Limited Edition silkscreen signed and numbered by the artist.
approx. 16.5″ x 24″







Crimson Duet
by Charlotte Foust

Size: 18 x 24″


The mixed media paintings of North Carolina artists Charlotte Foust combine an interest in the immediacy of drawing and gestural painting with the juxtaposition of the art of collage.  Known for her love of color and texture, Foust’s tactile sense allows her to trust a line or brushstroke to guide the direction of the painting.  Working in mixed media: graphite, acrylic, and collage allows her to layer and rework textured surfaces – with each painting resulting in a delightful discovery of things unseen.


Cubist Portrait
by R. Mesi

Limited Edition

Signed and numbered by the Artist in Pencil.
approximately 29″ x 22″








Silent Seas II
by Von Hohenlohe

Poster Size: 24″x18″


Editons 1, 3, and 4 also available in different color schemes. These four pieces look great together as a set!



Graphic Exhibition

by Pablo Picasso

Silkscreen Edition Print

Size: 9 x 12″ (image) whole image size






Foliage and Botanical

Keeping in theme with the bold shapes and lines seen in the previous category, plants and greenery are becoming a key component to current decor schemes as aesthetic shifts back to a more natural feel. Art and decor featuring greenery are taking on a more modern twist with dramatic compositions and color schemes.

Summer Elegance

by Lafayette Ragsdale

8.5 x 10.5″




Jack in the Pulpit

by Georgia O’ Keefe

40 x 30″

Framed: one inch white liner, with two and half inch black matte texturized wood.

$155.00 with out frame

Dry Mounted and texturized on foam board



Hillia Prasiantha

by Horto Van Houtteano

Paper size approx. 6″1/2 x 10”

This is an original lithograph colored printed from stone circa 1853





Campanumoea Lanceolata

by Horto Van Houtteano

Paper size approx. 7″ x 9”

This is an original lithograph colored printed from stone circa 1853





Calla Lily

by Pema

Size: 21″ x 36″








Euplaud Aster

by Dan Mitra

Limited Edition Etching

Signed and Numbered by the Artist

Size: 10 x 11.5(image) whole image size





Grafitti and Design

Shapes, lines, and compositions that would normally be seen in graffiti art and graphic design are now being more appreciated in the fine art world. And are finding a prominent place in home decor and interior design.


Man in Moon

by Miro

approximately 28″ x 20″










by Van Voorhis

Copyright Bernard Pictures Inc.

approx. 16″ x 20″



Limited Edition Prints 

by Hans Burkhardt

Signed by the Artist in Pencil

approximately 4″ x 4.75″

$95.00 each

Hans Burkhardt was born December 20th, 1904 in Basel Switzerland. His artwork has gone through several important changes from early pastel nudes to Arshille Gorky’s influence and finally to his collage style skull paintings of the 1980s. Burkhardt truly carries Modernism to a new level of profound psychological character through the means of fragmentation and amazing depth of composition. However, to understand the reach that Burkhardt’s work has had on Post-Modern art, we must examine the artist’s varied and experimental career.

Hans’ early childhood was spent in an orphanage, apprenticing with a gardener for which he was never paid. In 1924, Hans wrote to his father who had moved to the U.S. and begged for his help. Six months afterward, he also immigrated to America and found work in the furniture factory where his father was employed. During his first year there he attended night classes at Copper Union, winning first prize ($20 gold coin) for period decoration. The following year, 1927, Burkhardt enrolled full time at Grand Central School of Art at 42nd St. This was a pivotal point in Burkhardt’s early work because it was here that he met his life long friend and mentor Arshille Gorky. Burkhardt was in Gorky’s life drawing class and learned about Cubism, Cezanne, Miro and “how to put paint on”. He also attended private classes on Saturdays at Gorky’s studio.

Burkhardt’s early pastels and chalk drawings showed his struggle with abstract motion and self generated line through their intuitive conception. He did no preliminary sketches for these types of work and just went straight for the end result. It has been said that these pieces are a synthesis of Matisse’s gestural line and Picasso’s conceptual organic construction. The female nudes usually appear in groups of three as if muses in a progression of style, rough to complex. They are rendered not as how they were seen but as they would be touched and felt. The line both describes the form as it breaks away from the body in schematized color and bold backgrounds. Burkhardt’s work resembled Gorky’s style in its fluid, vertical movement from abstract to figurative and through it’s sensuous, gestural color application. However, it becomes much more densely composed with intense and empathetic color. There is a clear difference between the draftsman-like work of 1934 and the much more Modern, experimental work in 1938.


by Jackson

Original linoleum black print on handmade  Paper
Signed  by the Artist
approximately 9″ x 12″



Emery’s Fine Art Gallery is located at 1601 Memorial Blvd. in Murfreesboro, TN. Stop by between 10am and 5pm Monday through Saturday to view any of the pieces featured in this post. Many of these are also available for online purchasing and shipping from this website. Please call 615-890-1889 with any questions.

We’ll be featuring more trends of the art and home decor world along with more great pieces from our collection in just a few days. Stay tuned to this blog and be sure to follow us on Facebook!



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Mending the Flag by Norman Rockwell


Artist: Norman Rockwell

Title:  Mending the Flag
Portraits and Figures
Lady repairing an American Flag
Hat on the tale
Literary Digest Cover
Literary Digest Cover: May 27th, 1922
Artwork Reproduction
Offset Lithograph
Size: 11.5 x 15 inches
Dry Mounted will ship flat
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Bayou II by Pablo Munoz Hand Painted Oil Painting

Title: Bayou II
Artist: Pablo Munoz
Size: 18 Inches High by 36 Inches Wide
Medium: Oil Painting On Canvas
Artist’s Biography

Price is 1,108.00 with 12.60 shipping

Pablo Munoz was born in Peru and studied at the School of Arts of Cuzco. He is descended from a long line of painters that flourished in Cuzco. In fact, Pablo claims that his ancestors actually assisted the famous Spanish artists, who came to Cuzco, and who were sponsored by the Spanish elite to spread the word of God through religious art. Munoz’s techique can best be described as classical. It has been literally perfected and passed down from generation to generation throughout the centuries. Munoz’s landscape paintings offer enigmatic and surreal vistas; ones that are at once inviting yet forboding. Overcast skies and shadows are pierced by ribbons of light and sporadic flashes of intense color that serve as focal points. Focus shifts through dark fields and forests towards a mysterious light. In a Munoz painting there is a sense hope and optimism that is characterised by the contrast between lights and shadows. Munoz’s message is philosphically profound: the light guides one through the mysterious, often dark journey of life. This light guides the journeyer through a dark terrain and gives incentive to complete the journey – pointing the way to it’s end. Munoz is gaining a reputation as a formidable South American artist. His exhibitions, which mostly take place in Cuzco (the place of his birth), attract enormous accolades and critical acclaim . Munoz’s paintings are housed in many prestigious collections throughout Peru, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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Art Lessons Free Internet Art Instruction and Technique

Our friends at Artvilla have been kind enough to link and we are proud to recognize their site for their free art lessons on the internet. Notable among the video searches for art techniques and instruction are the lessons on how to paint impressionism like Monet and those on How to paint abstract art. Here is an article about the beginnings of impressionism. Artvilla has been known for art lessons for awhile and they have expanded their lessons to include sculpture, screen printing and others. We like the How to Paint Portraits Series which includes drawing people

A page we like about the proportions involved with the human face is here. Here is a great article about how to paint people in watercolor.

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Recommendations to Buy Original Art Online

Buying Original Art Online.

Buying original art online whether it be prints, paintings, sculpture can be daunting. Selling art online can be seemingly impossible considering the size of the market, the number of pieces available on the market and how hard it is to reach your customer. Trust is the number one concern for any website selling art. The site must engender trust. Emery’s fine art has been in business since 1972 and we have one of the finest collection of prints and original art available.

Many good artists team with popular sites who have the trust of the consumer. Many of the sites have thousands of artists.

1. Saatchi. Saatchi is known worldwide and has many thousands of artists. Saatchi accepts payment and the artist ships the art to the customer. Ensuring that the art arrives on time and safely is important to both. All of the online galleries who deal with artists, require the artist to ship the art and are involved with the process.

Zatista , Ugallery and others follow the same pattern and either ship the artist a box or arrange for someone to pick the art up. Other galleries online mainly ship prints and artist sign up with them and upload images of their art. In this way many online galleries provide framed art. Emery’s fine art gallery is a brick-and-mortar place who has a large stock of art on hand and is ready to ship quickly and professionally from one location.

Another way to buy art online is to buy it directly from the artist. Some sites do this rather well original art for sale is available at Buy Art | Online Artwork by Artist ArtforsaleOriginal

ArtVilla is an art e-zine that is been on the Internet since 1998 and is now selling original art and will be accepting art by other vendors soon. Original Art for Sale | Buy Artwork Online| Shop for Art
We have art for sale in many categories, here are a few of our most prominent and popular genres of art.