Hessam Abrishami

HESSAM ABRISHAMI was born in Shiraz, Iran in the year 1951. He was the son of middle class parents and 1/8 siblings. At 15, Hessam discovered his love of art and his own talent for painting with the help of one of his school teachers. Ultimately, he became nearly obsessed with painting.

At 17, he got his first award for painting and eventually won top honors in painting in an all-country student competition in Iran. At 19, he got first place honors in the “Iranian New Artists Competition.” Many other national and international honors and recognition have since followed.

He went on to study in Italy – a place he considered “the center of art in Europe.” It was in Perugia, Italy that he studied and completed his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the Accademi De Belle Arti “Pietro Vanucci.”

HESSAM ABRISHAMI Hessam emigrated to Los Angeles, California where he continues to expand his creativity. He explores a realm which the French press has called “A statement in the fluidity of human figures . . . He creates a tension between each figure, a kinship of place or condition that provokes the viewer to seek reasons for such relationships.” Greatly influenced by modern masters from Cezanne to Picasso, Hessam’s boldly colorful paintings are filled with love and laughter, music and dance.

Hessam Abrishami has provided the world with images that capture an essence of love and romance.

Source: https://www.hessam-artist.com/hessam-biography.html

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