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Art Lessons Free Internet Art Instruction and Technique

Our friends at Artvilla have been kind enough to link and we are proud to recognize their site for their free art lessons on the internet. Notable among the video searches for art techniques and instruction are the lessons on how to paint impressionism like Monet and those on How to paint abstract art. Here is an article about the beginnings of impressionism. Artvilla has been known for art lessons for awhile and they have expanded their lessons to include sculpture, screen printing and others. We like the How to Paint Portraits Series which includes drawing people

A page we like about the proportions involved with the human face is here. Here is a great article about how to paint people in watercolor.

Whether is our lessons or lessons you find on the Internet, we hope your understanding of art improves.
Art is everywhere. Especially on the Internet. Website design is full of the concepts that art entails whether it’s logo position of an image on the page or the image itself the eye of an artist is apparent in web design as well. Websites such as this one are works of art just like the art that is displayed. Websites such as Emery’s fine art gallery with thousands of products require the time of many people and several years to develop the product descriptions titles and images that are required for a website has extensive as this.

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